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Here’s the story…

Once upon a time a guy lived in Iowa, spending his time on the family farm. The guy liked to farm; he especially liked cattle and horses. His favorite part of farming was caring for livestock. He enjoyed using horses to round up cattle on their ranching operation.

Meanwhile, a gal from Northwest Washington was attending college in Iowa to pursue her teaching degree. It just so happened that the girl’s roommate was the guy’s cousin. And so it began. The guy and girl fell in love and said “forever” in the summer of 2005. They returned to Iowa for the gal to finish up her teaching degree. They began looking for horse boarding facilities in Washington. They found one, and came back to check it out in fall of ’05. They decided it was a go, and put down their roots in Everson, WA. The guy and gal moved and took over business in May 2006.

Ever since, the guy and gal have been busy making the Circle K Ranch their own. The guy has much enjoyed having the opportunity to train and care for horses. The gal has also enjoyed caring for horses (and has learned a lot along the way, I might add.)

The guy and gal have added to their family and are busy raising their children on the ranch; Circle K Ranch is a fully family owned and operated business.

Our family’s Circle K mission is to provide quality horse care at reasonable prices. We seek to build relationships with the horses and their owners. We are always in the process of improving our facilities in order to keep them updated and more user-friendly. We provide a calm, peaceful, and consistent environment where horses thrive.